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Sunday, September 10, 2006

American Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is one of those attractions in new York city that's not only enjoyable, but educational. Making it a great place to also bring children. Located in the upper west side of Manhattan on 79st, it sits directly across from central park. The museum building, which has been at this location since it was completed in 1877, is designed in a neo-Romanesque form . The museum of natural history is well known for it's exhibits like the full-scaled blue whale ( the largest living animal ) that hangs from the ceiling of the Milstein Family hall of ocean life, it's famous fossil collection, the planetarium and so many others. My personal favorite exhibit is "The Hall of the Age of Man" know called "The Hall of Human Biology". This exhibit has the most in dept history of human evolution in the world. It has a collection of anatomically correct models of are ancestor's and other early primates. Two of the models thats well known are the 1.7 million year old Peking man plus the better known and famous Lucy skeleton. A fact that you might find interesting is the father of are 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt Sr. is one of the museums founders. So if you visit this New York City tour site, you'll definitely want to have a camera.
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Anonymous Jocelyn said...

I recently visited a month ago. The exhibits are wonderful.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love and visit this museum everytime I go to NYC. The Dinosaur exhibition is breathtaking. A good way to enjoy the museum and the upper west side is to go on the bus tours provided by http://www.citysightsny.com

I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing the peking man and Lucy.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Samuel said...

I am a native of Australia and was my first visit to NYC. I actually saw Oliver Stone and a couple of producers having body sushi on top of a freakin perfect 10 girl at Cheetah’s gentlemens club on West 43rd St. about 2 weeks back. They were with one of the owners Sammy who takes care of all the celebs there from what the bartender told me..next night I saw Howard Stern and his wife there also having body sushi with that guy Sammy again. Lucky guy man!!

1:52 PM  
Anonymous David Cohen said...

Personally, I recommend taking a few minutes to stand and feel like you just stepped out of Night at the Museum. How often do you get to stand inside a place where history is literally still alive? ;-)

3:04 PM  
Blogger Dasril Iteza said...

amazing museum..... i think someday i'll get there....

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Sean said...

I love this place. It is so iconic to New York and the building is so spectacular, one of the most amazing builidngs in New York and the perfect venue for a variety of events!!!

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Radio city christmas spectacular said...

I have recently visited,and the exhibits are fantastic and great.

7:24 AM  

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