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Monday, April 24, 2006

Grand Central Station

Breath taking with it's artful and magnificent dimensions it's almost hard to believe when standing from the streets that Grand Central Station is one of the largest and busiest transportation systems in New York City. When in the main concourse of the station you get the feeling of being in some marvelous museum or maybe a huge opera house. One thing one must do if ever touring the station is get photos of it's astonishing ceiling. Painted by Paul Cesar helleu in 1912 it depicts constellations that are in reverse and based on medieval celestial information. Grand Central Station is also home to the world famous oyster bar, where the rich and famous gathered for drinks and cigars. It is also the stations oldest business. It was established in 1913. Another favorite spot is the campbell apartment, though there drink prices are kinda stiff the quality is superb. The station also has numerous other restaurants, gift shops, and other establishments. It is estimated that well over a half million people pass through Grand Central Station every single day. That's more people then the population of many big American cities. The reason for this is because it connects NYC to the whole tri-state area. Thousands of trains come and go on it's three underground levels. The station has numerous ramps, elevators, and stairways all designed to move people carelessly and effortlessly through this labyrinth of a station while blending in to the marvelous scheme of the scenery. My favorite part of Grand Central Station by far is the magnificent marble staircases in the main concourse. So if you ever tour New York City make sure to put this one on the sight seeing list
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Blogger Shabrow said...

Good photos, NY is a great city of the world. I wanna to travel in NY.

I like it, and I'll add your blog to my mini mini mini general web directory to the new category "Blogs"

11:55 PM  
Blogger fase said...

Thanks. I love New York.

4:31 AM  

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