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Monday, August 14, 2006

Radio City Music Hall

One of my favorite sites and also a place that's synonymous to New York City is Radio City Music Hall. Since it's opening during the Christmas holiday of 1932 it has attracted people from all over the world to see it's many event's and concerts. Located in midtown Manhattan on sixth Ave between 50th and 51st street it is part of the Rockefeller center complx. It also shares its glory with other sites famous for the area like NBC's rainbow room, FOX studio, and the Rockefeller ice skating rink. I find the best time to visit this site is during the Christmas holiday, when you can see the rockettes perform there Radio City Christmas Spectacular. There's also other marvelous on ice escapade shows and event around that season. Radio City music hall is also a regular venue for many award shows like the Emmy award, Tony awards, Grammy awards, and even MTV Video Music Awards. With its beautiful art-deco design its a major historical piece in the puzzle of the Rockefeller center area. So definitely add these one to your winter season NYC tour list. Its also a perfect place for kids, It'll leave a long lasting memorable impression on the mind.
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Anonymous cammel said...

What a marvelous list of attractions for such a marvelous city. I especially like the article about rockefeller center, which i plan on visiting for christmas

11:33 PM  
Anonymous Caroline said...

Radio City is a special place. I saw movies there when I was a kid and now I go each year to see the Tony Awards. It is a must-see New York landmark, especially during the holidays.

11:22 PM  
Anonymous David Cohen said...

I recommend visiting Radio City at Christmas time. I know you've seen this over and over again, but there's something magical about standing in the middle of Rockefeller Center or Radio City Music Hall during the holidays. You'll never be the same.

3:06 PM  

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