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Monday, May 01, 2006

Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum

Located on Manhatten's westside water front at pier 86 the Intrepid museum's is in an area also known to tourist for its cruise ship terminal and the circle line, which is a famous sightseeing tour ferry. Before it was designated as an museum the u.s.s Intrepid was an navy Essex class aircraft carrier with a long and astonishing service history which include serving in world war II and the Pacific war. It was also the ship that recovered the mercury capsule and the Gemini astronauts. At 852 feet long the Intrepid is as long as a new York city block and about 10 stories high from waterline to control tower. the Intrepid Sea Air and Space museum is known for such exhibits as the world fastest jet and U.S. spy plane A10 Blackbird plus the world's first supersonic transcontinental passenger jet the Concord and a huge collection of some of the most unique military planes in the world. The museum also houses USS Growler a navy Grayback class submarine. The Fleet week annual events are held at the museum. The visiting warships are docked next door at the cruise ship terminal and the events are held on the deck of the museum. Since opening in 1982 the big war ship has been a unique part of new York City and was designated as an historical and national landmark in 1987. If you ever do travel to NYC be sure to add this one to your tour list.
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Blogger Chris said...

Nice blog - straight forward and informative. Added a link to you at www.newyorkontap.com. Hopefully, I'll send a little traffic your way. Good luck!

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Blogger vegetable side dish said...

Thanks, I quoted you on my homework.

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Blogger fase said...

I'm glad i can help. To chris thanks for the link youy NYC site is awesome.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

its A10 intruder

the blackbird is the SR71 Blackbird

9:28 AM  

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