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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Brooklyn's Botanical Garden

Located in Brooklyn N.Y. the botanical garden is set on fifty-two acres of land that edges the outer parameter of prospect park. It is also rite across from brooklyns grand army plaza. The botanical garden has been around seen 1910 and is host to thousands of species of plants, flowers, trees, and other vegetation. This is a great sight to tour, it quiet calm and peaceful. Here you can enjoy sightseeing with out the hustle and bustle of the city. Included in the garden is it's famous one acre rose garden. It also has many individual conservatories, a pond garden and Japanese hills. Its rock garden is simply marvelous and it also has a fragrant garden for the vision impaired. There's a great bonsia tree collection and a children's exhibition and many other events. One of my favorite spots to visit will in the BBG is the Shakespeare garden. With it's English cottage that has over 80 various plants mentioned in his plays and poems you will be occupied for hours reading the labels which has references to his quotes. If you visit the Japanese part, you will enjoy the carp as they swim and frolic in the pond garden and the sound of the beautiful waterfall. This part also has a beautiful wooden bridge and a small Shinto temple. That part is perfect for sight seeing. Before i go if you do decide to travel down here be sure to tour the cherry tree part of the garden. There are over two hundred cherry trees and 42 different varieties. This is definitely a great tour site so check it out!.
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