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Monday, April 17, 2006

South Street Seaport

South street seaport started out it's long history as a vital part of NYC water way's and commercial trade center as early as 1600. South street seaport is known for various mob films and other movies and once home of the famous Fulton fish market. Today south street seaports historical area has been totally restored and renovated. The seaport is a great place for sight seeing and has a beautiful view of the Brooklyn, Manhattan and williamburg bridges and the east river. The area is know home to many restaurants, bars and gift shops. One lasting tourist attraction is the restaurant on pier 17 where you can look at the gorgeous yachts docked right in front. It's been there for decades. The south street seaport is located next to wall street and the financial district which is located in the lower Manhattan region of New York City. This part of Manhattan still has that 17th and 18th century fill with it's cobble stone streets and some of he old building.
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