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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Trinity Church

Trinity church has a deeply rotted history in this city of tall building and skyscrapers. It's more recently Known for the 2004 movie national treasure (starring: Nicholas cage) were it was the location of the knight templers hidden treasure. Located on the corner of Broadway and wall Street it right in the midst of Manhatten's downtown area. The Trinity church that stands here today is actually the second one that was built. The first building was destroyed by the great fire of 1776 which also destroyed almost 500 other building and left thousands of new Yorkers homeless. The new Trinity Church was rebuilt and consecrated in 1790 but was torn down in 1839 due to severe weather damage. Parishioner rebuilt it again leaving the building we see standing today. Trinity church's saint paul's chapel is the oldest public building in New York City under continuous use. The wonderful neo-gothic style is awe inspiring which sets it apart and make it stick out from it's surroundings. You may also catch the harmonious music of the trinity choir flowing through the area. An interesting fact about Trinity church is that it has the only remaining active cemetary in the borough of Manhattan. Even if you don't go in the beautifully designed building this is still a great addition to your tour or sightseeing list. The architecture is simply astonishing.
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