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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ellis Island

One of the most well known historical places not only in NYC but in the whole of the united states is Ellis island. Located in New York harbor right at the mouth of the Hudson river it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the statue of liberty, jersey city N.J. and NYC's main land. The island was named after Welsh immigrant Samuel Ellis who was the owner during the late 18th century. During that time Ellis ran a tavern on the island catering to local fisherman and sailors. During the late 19th to the early 20th century Ellis island had became the main immigration port for immigrants from abroad coming into America. In more than a 40 year period it has processed over 12 million immigrants which means many Americans have relative that have come through its doors. It was the start of new lives for a range of ethnicities. As with many historical sites in the united states that had huge impacts on this country's it was designated as an landmark and national monument (on October 15, 1966). Today Ellis island is one of new York city's favorite and most frequently visited tourist attraction. The circle line (a touring ferry) and other ferries have daily trips that visits the island, where you can enjoy the marvelous outside view and the beautiful well upkept building which is know the museum. The ferries that visit the island also make a stop at the statue of liberty as well, which is a two in one deal. So if you ever travel to NYC be sure to add this one to your tour list.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There opening all five building on Ellis Island next week.

I can't what. As a Newyorker with a lot of history in NYC, i've really been looking forward to this :'}.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous David Cohen said...

If you're riding the ferry to Ellis Island be very, very careful sitting on the top deck! The seagulls LOVE tourists!

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Sean said...

This is a incredible trip and well worth the trip across the harbour. the history on Ellis Island is so interesting that you want to learn more. Great views of Manhattan too and a highlight of New York!!

5:19 AM  

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