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Friday, April 14, 2006

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller center is another great site to tour if you ever travel to N.Y.C. Named after John D. Rockefeller it consist of sixteen commercial building going from 48th to 51st street. Its located in the midtown section of Manhattan. Rockefeller center is also home of NBC's rainbow room, Life & time building and news corporations like fox. You can actually walk up the street and watch as the news is done live as you pass by the huge windows of the art deco styled buildings. My favorite time of the year to visit Rockefeller center is during the Christmas season when people from all over the world converge on this on place to see the biggest Christmas tree erected in America. Ice skating at the center is also an unforgettable part or the new York city experience. Rockefeller center is also home of the largest in door theatre Radio City Music Hall where you can catch the rockettes performing there rockettes on ice show every Christmas season. There are marvelous statues that many tourist have been immortalizing through photos since they where placed on there foundation. There is the statue of atlas bearing the weight of the world on its shoulders and the most famous one that may be found on many of postcards. The golden statue of Prometheus which is located at the top center of the skating rink. So if you ever travel to New York City put this one on your tour list.
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