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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Broadway NYC's theatre district.

If you ever travel to New york city then broadway's theatre district is a must to have on your tour list. Home of countless stage plays and musicals it's shows are well known. Most of broadway show go on to be put on the silver screen and made into television shows. Many famous actors and actresses got the big brake here. NYC's broadway thearte district is undisputibly the mecca for plays and musicals in the united states. It is located around the time square part of midtown manhatten which in it's self is a tourist attration. Here are just a few great shows currently playing ( Chicoago, The odd couple, Mamma mia!, The color purple, The lion king, Rent, Hairspray,) and many, many more plays and musical. Remember before it was ever light camera action , its was brake a leg on broadway. So when thinking about where you should travel for a vacation make sure New York City's on that list.
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Anonymous whitney said...

hey is this picture of broadway nyc copyrighted? cause i would like to use it for our yearbook if at all possible.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Brisbane Hotels said...

There are really a lot talents that was discovered and won awards because of Broadway, New York.
To name a few, Leah Salonga of the Philippines,was one of them.

11:47 PM  

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