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Monday, March 27, 2006

Brooklyn's wonderland

Coney island, Brooklyn's wonderland. Home of nathans famous hotdog and saltwater taffy. America original amusement park. Set on A peninsula in the south west of Brooklyn N.Y. overlooking the Atlantic ocean. Coney island is the home of the first modern roller coaster. It was known as the switchback railway. Coney island is well known for it's side show's and landmarks like the cyclone, the wonder wheel, and the parachute drop. these where all works of marvel for there time. Coney island is also home of the NYC aquarium and newest baseball team the Brooklyn cyclones. It's beach set at the edge of the park is a favorite summer time spot and it's pier makkes fo good fishing.Since the late eighteen hundreds till now Coney island continues to be one of NYC's major attractions.
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